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Those who know people working in medical related fields are reporting difficulty in obtaining PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) through normal channels. Our manufacturing and distribution systems are overwhelmed and people have resorted to reusing or making their own PPE's.


The got robot? family currently has 8-10 printers producing 3D head bands. Conservatively, each printer should be able to produce 60 bands every 24 hours. 

Our face shields are printed, assembled, and distributed, free of charge, by got robot? FTC 5037, a student robotics team of Elgin, Illinois. Currently, got robot? has 8 printers in 6 homes producing as many as we can for as long as there is a need.


Area healthcare workers, first responders and others who work directly with the public and are in need of added protection from the virus. The CDC has stated that a face shield that covers the face beyond the chin line is helpful in protecting against infection. (CDC guidelines can be found here:


Please consider helping offset our expenses by donating funds to purchase materials. Any funds remaining after the pandemic will be used for phase 3 of our GIVE BACK 10 campaign--a 3 year, 3 phase fundraising program to provide STEAM educational resources for our Gail Borden Public Library District. Another way you can help is to print and distribute your own face shields. The design is open source and can be found at: 


Thank you! got robot? FTC 5037


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