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Our Mentor the Mentors Program

Mentor the Mentors (or MtM for short) is a multi-season campaign that originated from the idea that without mentors and volunteers, the FIRST program would not be possible. Currently, many potential students would like to join robotics, but there are not enough teams. As a result, we challenged ourselves to find willing volunteers and commit to "mentor" our new mentors! 

Phase 1 Research

This phase focused on data collection about current mentor experiences. We conducted interviews during league meets with both mentors and students. What better way to understand how to support new mentors than to learn from the ones we already have?

Phase 2 Design

This phase is all about making the materials that will help support our mission. Being a diverse community, we are providing bilingual materials. This includes marketing and promotional materials, checklists, and an updated website.

Phase 3 Promote

In this phase, we will promote our initiative to our community and local professionals. One avenue is connecting with the GBPL volunteer network. This includes meetings and livestreams with an extensive network of parents, retirees and industry experts.

Phase 4 Connect

During this phase, we will connect new coaches with kids and new mentors with teams. We plan to utilize the FIRST Mentor Network as well as personally connecting local seasoned mentors and coaches with our newest recruits.

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