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RoboTalk! is got robot?'s YouTube series for you! Featuring tips, tricks, and FIRST news, we are proud to announce our return to the series! Bo Russell, now an alumnus of got robot?, hosted our first season and Brock Russell will be hosting our second season. Here, you can find all of our RoboTalk videos, as well as on our got robot? YouTube! Please feel free to reach out to us and suggest ideas for RoboTalk! episodes, since we're always excited to hear what you're interested in. If you want to go directly to the RoboTalk! channel, click here. Enjoy!

Season 1, Episode 6: New FTC Technology
Season 1, Episode 4: FoxSmart Filament Review
Season 1, Episode 2: IMTS
Season 1, Episode 5: Defense Wins Championships
Season 1, Episode 3: How to Save Money in FIRST
Season 1, Episode 1: New Season, New Rules (Cascade Effect)