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The e-NABLE Project

The e-NABLE project is a global effort to provide free, 3-D printed prosthetic limbs to children and adults from around the world who need them. got robot? has supported this initiative for two years now. Last year, we partnered with Royal Die and Stamping and ACME Design Inc. to print a total of seven hands that we donated to children in Haiti. This year, we're renewing our commitment to e-NABLE and partnering with more local businesses and robotics teams from Texas to print more hands for more recipients in the world. Here is our

e-NABLE headquarters with information about the project, a list of our partners, pictures, stories, and updates on our mission to custom-design and print a hand for a recipient in our Chicagoland community. 

e-NABLE: Project Overview
e-NABLE: Project Overview

Here is the website for e-NABLE where you can find videos, stories, and information about the e-NABLE story and the project.

e-NABLE: Real Life Stories

This is a link to stories of the good e-NABLE has done in the world... so far.

e-NABLE: Get Involved

Here is where you can get involved and make a difference in someone's life today.

Our Partners:

got robot? has partnered with several local groups in our Elgin community to make a greater impact through this project. Here are the organizations who have donated their time and resources to this great cause


-Anguleris Technologies

-Royal Die and Stamping

-ACME Design Inc.

-Robo Squad Orange

-Robo Squad Black

-Fiesta Botz Blue

-Fiesta Botz Green

e-NABLE: got robot? in the news

We were interviewed about our work with e-NABLE for the Elgin Courier News last year--here's the story.