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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors make our entire season and robotics journey possible.  Without their financial and in-kind support, got robot? couldn't accomplish all we do in a season.  In addition to the organizations and companies listed below, we want to thank Marc and Pat Solomon for their continued financial support.

Klapperich Tool Logo (Black).png

Klapperich Tool Inc.

Klapperich Tool Inc, in South Elgin, IL, is the area's leading machine shop serving Chicago and surrounding areas since 1998. We specialize in designing and building automated assembly systems and precision machining (CNC). 

4H Logo.png

Kane County 4-H

In 4-H, you can make friends, have fun, give back, and try new things with the help of caring adults. Whatever your interests or goals, there’s a 4-H experience for you. In Kane County, we offer more than 15 community clubs and 80 projects for youth to choose from.

Anguleris Logo.png

Anguleris Technologies

Anguleris is a team of architects-turned-marketers who help building product manufacturers get specified with innovative approaches to virtual product placement, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and intelligent data analysis.

CItyofElgin Logo.png

The City of Elgin

Nestled along the banks of the Fox River, Elgin, Elgin is a unique community that proudly distinguishes itself from the rest of the metropolitan area. Its identity is anchored in its history and strong, diverse community that embodies a desire for an even brighter future.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors are important to FIRST Tech Challenge teams for several reasons. First, sponsors can provide financial support, which can be used to cover the cost of building and competing with a robot. This can be especially important for teams that are composed of students from low-income families or schools that do not have a lot of funding for extracurricular activities.


Additionally, sponsors can provide resources and expertise that can help teams improve their robots. For example, a sponsor might provide a team with access to a machine shop or 3D printing equipment that they would not otherwise have. They may also provide engineers or other professionals who can mentor and advise the team.


Lastly, sponsorships are a way for companies to build relationships with future engineers, scientists and also offer some kind of internship or job opportunity for the students. Sponsorships also can be used for team branding and communication, for example by including the sponsor's name or logo on the robot, uniforms or website.

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